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NeuralBid offers a unique mixture of Advertising Solutions that utilize Machine Learning technology to fully automate the on-going optimization process and to boost up performance and overall users’ engagement.

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Who we are. What we do?

NeuralBid is a combination of an innovatinve Ad-technologies vendor together with a performance focused marketing boutique. We’ve created a revenue-driven ecosystem around our wide network of content & traffic publishers along with direct advertisers and ad-agencies

Open RTB 2.4 / 2.5

Low-latency geo-spread Open RTB technology supporing display, native and video`

Easy Header Bidding Integration

Bid our unique demand directly into your existing header bidding framework. 

XML Feeds

XML feeds support for search & pop. including  easy to use Self-Serve dashboards


Accurate and Advance information about coverage and earnings is available via our dashboard or via API

ROI Driven Technology

Machine learning automation of audience and demand targeting.

Traffic Quality & Control

Algorithmic traffic analysis allows us to dynamically allocate your ad supply to the highest / top traffic quality bidders.

Our Solutions.

For Publishers

We are looking for publishers with hiqh quality traffic to Leverage with our direct demand and innovative technology and Maximize traffic earnings instantly. 


Zero effort integration either through your RTB DSP / your Header Bidding framework or other proprietary solution.


For Advertisers

Start leveraging instantly an almost unlimited reach of our in-house traffic as well as our premium publishers network.

Our technology is built to help you execute and optimize your marketing campaigns with ease and maximize you ROI.

Start using our SELF-SERVE & DSP Interfaces NOW!


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